21 Lessons: Wisdom Nuggets for Purposeful Living

Adulting can be a tough and lonely season, but it doesn’t have to be. Many young adults struggle with insecurity, a lack of direction and the fear of the unknown.

Each young person is a potential gift to the world and when empowered with the right kind of knowledge, there's no limit to the success they can achieve.

This book by Eunice Adeniran captures 21 important wisdom nuggets that will help young people to thrive and succeed against all odds.

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My FEGGO Diaries

My FEGGO Diaries is a collection that combines fiction and non-fiction stories, to depict life in a Nigerian boarding school.

The Author has attempted to do justice to major themes like bullying, discipline and survival skills. The book will be beneficial to those who want a glimpse into the experiences of the boarding house.


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Eunice Adeniran
Eunice Adeniran

Eunice Adeniran

Eunice Adeniran is a medical doctor, mental health advocate and accountability coach. She's passionate about helping young people discover their uniqueness, find meaning in life and become successful through consistency. A bibliophile at the core, she is also a blogger and an amateur street photographer.


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