An Accountability Squad

A safe non-judgmental space, to share your goals, the challenges you are facing on reaching them and get ideas from other go-getters on how to navigate those challenges.


Personal Development Workshops

These workshops have been designed with tools that will help you transition from average living to intentional living on a daily basis.


Weekly one-on-one strategy sessions

A 30-45 minute personal session with the Accountability Coach, on getting clarity for your current season in life, and finding the right tools to achieve your goals.



During the course of the BOOTCAMP, you'll be given series of assignments, as well as a group project. Please note that only participants who fulfill all the requirements, will be awarded certificates of completion at the end of the BOOTCAMP.


A 21-day Accountability Challenge

A daily set of questions which will be shared within the accountability squad, that all participants must answer privately in their journals and also share with the Accountability coach at the end of each day.



These are specially crafted sessions that will help you identify limiting thought patterns, and teach you the skills to chart new courses for your next level.


Eunice Adeniran
Eunice Adeniran

Eunice Adeniran

Eunice Adeniran is a medical doctor, mental health advocate and accountability coach. She's passionate about helping young people discover their uniqueness, find meaning in life and become successful through consistency. A bibliophile at the core, she is also a blogger and an amateur street photographer.


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What our students are saying…


I would say this bootcamp is an experience of a lifetime. One you will never forget 'cos it will make you to pay attention to your life like never before. I've recommended this bootcamp to my husband. My siblings are also eagerly waiting for the next edition to be blessed. I certainly won't be recommending what has not worked.

K.L, 21-Day Go-Getters 1.0 Participant


Indeed the 21-DAY Bootcamp for Go-Getters, has helped restructure my perspective about my life, and helped to regain my self-confidence. I am able to wake up each day with goals to achieve, and writing and making my visions clear, keeps me driven. Indeed, thank goodness I didn't miss out from this opportunity of a life-time.

A.C, 21-Day Bootcamp for Go-Getters 3.0 Participant


I didn't feel like participating in the BootCamp, but I was persuaded and I'm glad to say that I don't regret it. It has added value to me. I can say that I gained a lot and it's worth my time and money. Now, I can prioritize my life: plan my day, differentiate between what is important and what is not. In the course of the 21-day BootCamp, I was also reminded of my core values, i.e. who I really am. I will recommend the Bootcamp for everyone who wants to live everyday purposefully.

K.B, 21-Day Bootcamp for Go-Getters 2.0 Participant


The reason a lot of people tag "Motivational talks"  as "Aspire to Perspire to Inspire" crap, is because they often forget that getting motivated is only a tiny fraction of the journey to reaching their goals.

What motivation does to you is one thing, what you do with motivation is another thing.

The concept can be likened to the difference between Potential and Kinetic energy.

Listening to a Motivational talk, is like going to fuel your car i.e. potential energy.

After you're done, you must still drive the car to get to your destination i.e. kinetic energy.

Success is primarily about HARDWORK, which means you have to put in the required effort everyday.

Harnessing the tools of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY will help you to stay the course.

Through this MASTERCLASS, you'll understand better how to maximize your potentials so that you can transform the world around you, in a way that only you can.

This MASTERCLASS is for you if:

1. You're seeking an upgrade in your daily life experiences.

2. You need a blueprint to make your dreams a reality.

3. You're tired of being intimidated by the success of others.

4. You want to be more consistent with your core values.

5. You desire to make a significant  difference in the lives of the people around you.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to master the tools that will take you to your next level.

You can participate in this masterclass by registering for the next 21-DAY BOOTCAMP FOR GO-GETTERS.

It's general knowledge that most people set some lofty goals at the beginning of every year, but at  some point, they give up on most of those goals.

This MASTERCLASS will show us  the 7 common obstacles that limit people from pursuing and achieving their set goals and how to overcome these obstacles.

You can participate in this masterclass by registering for the next 21-DAY BOOTCAMP FOR GO-GETTERS.

On any given day, even the best of us struggle with consistency.

We live in a very distracted and  distracting world, which makes focusing on our personal goals such a herculean task.

Many people with great potentials, fail to make significant progress in their journey, because along the way they lose their focus.

Consistency is what sets apart those who finish strong from those who quit along the way.

Consistency is what separates those who are excellent at what they do from those who are mediocre.

Consistency is the trademark of every successful person; it is what builds their character and integrity, long before they become famous and celebrated.

In this MASTERCLASS, you will learn how to incorporate the value of consistency in your everyday life, by minimizing the distractions and living up to your true purpose.

You can participate in this masterclass by registering for the next 21-DAY BOOTCAMP FOR GO-GETTERS.


Ready to up your productivity levels exponentially? Join this bootcamp for just N5,000.


This BootCamp has been put together for the sole purpose of getting willing participants to craft specific goals and stay committed to achieving them.

There is no affiliation to any  professionally certified personal development coaching programs.

All materials used in this BootCamp may not be reproduced or altered without the express permission of the organizer.


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